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Sabarna Kuladevi Mata Bhubaneshwari

Sri Panchanan Gangapadhyay, commonly known as “Panchu Sakti Khan” was one of the most celebrated forefathers of the Grand Savarna Kula (Sabarna Roy Choudhury Family). According to the family genealogy he was the 19th generation counted down from Pundit Vedagarva who first came to Gour-Vanga (Bengal) from Kanauj and settled here in the late 10th C. C.E. Sri Panchanan Gangapadhyay was an adroit general of the Mughal army during the era of Emperor Humayun(1530-1540 & 1555-1556 C.E). Being a skilled warrior he valiantly fought the famous battles commanding the Mughal army against Sher Shah Suri, the chieftain of Bengal and Bihar. For his heroism and dedication he was honoured with the title “Sakti Khan” (The Powerful) and Jaigirdari of 85 villages in Haveli Pargana (Today North 24 Parganas) in Bengal by Emperor Humayun when he regained his lost empire in 1555 C.E. and thus became famous under the prestigious name “Panchu Sakti Khan”.

In his last life he dedicated himself in Tantric Austerities and gifted the family with a beautiful deity of the Mother Goddess, the deity of his worship. The deity is made up of black stone with his name “Khan Panchanan Ganga” engraved in the pedestal, in old Bangla alphabetical style. This proves the depth and intensity of his devotion in the “Sadhana”. The deity is about 9” high seated in Yogic posture over three layers of lotus petals. Her four arms are adorned clockwise with Blessings (Barabhay), Falchion (Khadga) , Human skull (Munda) and a Trident (Trisul). She is wearing a garland of human skulls. Her beautiful and very attractive face is similar to Goddess Kalika. Her background is ornamented with Mughal motifs. She is “Purus-Prakriti Bhava” of Tantric practice.

Different Tantric texts describe such deity figure as Devi Bajreshwari or Bajra Yogini Chandika. But Khan Panchanan named his beloved Mother Goddess as “Mata Bhubaneswari” and installed Her as the Kuladevi (Family Deity) of the Royal Savarna Clan.