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 Saptarshi - The Family Hand Written Magazine....A Brief Story 
In the year 1988, Dilip Roy Choudhury and his son Devarshi of the illustrius Sabarna Roy Choudhury Family of Bengal, decided to start a Hand Written Magazine. They named it Saptarshi remembering the Seven Great Rishis of Hindu Mythology. It may also be taken as the Rays of the Seven colours called Spectrum reflecting different moods of humanism and culture.

From the very beginning besides Dilip and Devarshi, three other people remained the pioneers behind this initiative; they were Dipak Kumar Roy Choudhury, Harishankar Bandhopadhyay and Sulekha Bandhopadhyay, all of being members of the Sabarna Family.Years passed by and Saptarshi became the oldest surviving Hand Written Magazine of Bengal. Today Dilip and Harishankar are no more in this world but their desires and legacy are being continued by Devarshi. Karabi Chatterjee and a few other associated members of the Sabarna family have also come forward to render their service towards the betterment of this unique initiative. Today Saptarshi is a part of Sabarna Sangrahashala and is displayed in the Gallery to be read.

While celebrating the 25 Silver Jubilee Years of the unique magazine, Saptarshi has gone international as Devarshi has decided to create a new history, a new dawn, by including the friends of Bangladesh in the making of Saptarshi. From now onward Saptarshi will be created by a joint venture of "Epaar Bangla and Opaar Bangla".

Through Saptarshi. Sabarna Sangrahashala and Devarshi hope to restore the lost bond that prevailed in undivided Bengal and which was purposefully destroyed by the British.

 Celebrating Silver Jubilee
Remembering the Socio-Cultural and Historic ties with Bangladesh, the Sabarna Roy Choudhury Paribar Parishad- Sabarna Sangrahashala has come up with a unique decision to include our friends of Bangladesh in publishing our Hand Written Magazine from now onward, marking the 25 Silver Jubilee years of Sapratshi. It is indeed a new beginning in the cultural arena and a great effort to establish new culminating heights of friendship and harmony among the two Nations and build up a bond of love between Epaar Bangla- Opaar Bangla.

Ishrat Jahan Unity is a young lady with prolific qualities in Bengali literature and language and being a poet herself, she is now the Guest Editor of Saptarshi. She will be at the helm of the Bangladesh Chapter. Sabarna Sangrahashala conveys Best Wishes to her and hope a new era to begin between the Sabarna Roy Choudhury Family and Bangladesh...Let the two Nations meet, creating a splendid bond of love, harmony and Unity...